About us

Mission Statement

TO PROVIDE our customers with only the best quality e-cigarettes and e-liquid products while offering the largest selection of products for them to choose from.

TO ENSURE our customers’ voice is always heard so that we may respond, adapt and grow as needs change and technology advances.

TO VALUE our customers’ freedom and rights and stand firm against the oppressive forces trying to tell us what we can and cannot smoke

TO BE one of the leading E-cigarette companies in Germany and all of Europe.

Our Goal

We at Steamers Lounge have one main goal, which is to provide our customers a choice. We will strive hard to accomplish this goal by standing firm to a system of beliefs we have and do not have.

- We do not believe that the needs of e-cigarette smokers in Germany are being sufficiently met

- But, we do believe that our customers deserve to be able to choose from the best quality and largest quantity of different products available on the market. With this in mind, we are building a company that will continuously grow and add products stopping not even after we are the largest e-cigarette company in all of Europe

- We do not believe e-cigarettes are a cure or a product to assist in quitting smoking.

- But we do believe that e-cigarettes are superior to tobacco filled analogs. We are not telling you to quit smoking or that our product may help you in quitting smoking. What we are telling you is to give our superior product a try. It smells better. It tastes better. There is no stigma attached to it. You look classier doing it. The year is 2012, technology has advanced; why would you still want to smoke those dirty, smelly analogs that haven’t changed since the day your great-great grandfather started smoking them. Simply put, our e-cigarettes are better.

- We do not believe e-cigarettes guarantee the user security from contracting any smoking related health problems. 

- But we do believe that if you keep smoking tobacco filled analogs, you can be guaranteed there will be health problems in your future. It is a known fact, that smoking leads to health issues. In the future, E-cigarettes may or may not be included in the same list as tobacco analogs, but as of now they are not and nor should they be. There is no hard evidence nor has there been any true scientific testing to prove that e-cigarettes or e-juice does or will cause any dangerous health related problems. This may change, but as of now, there is only internet crap that anyone with a brain and the ability to read can identify as crap and not true science. 


- We do not believe the E.U. or the German Government should be so bold as to say what you may or may not have and we do not believe that taking away your personal freedom of choice, they are doing it in your best interest.

- We do believe you should have the choice and the right to smoke an e-cigarette or an analog cigarette if you so desire. It is very concerning to us when we hear about the government of a free democratic society stepping in and taking away our rights and telling us that they are only doing it for our best interest. This is a terrifying precedent. We at Steamers Lounge will fight to our last breath to keep e-cigarettes what they should be, a choice, an alternative personal use device that you may or may not choose to use, without the loving guidance of the government, big tobacco or big-pharma.